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Brighton bound

01 April 2014

Another weekend off of work, another weekend spent in Brighton.

I love Brighton so much, so at pretty much any chance I get I hop on the train with Charlie and go to stay with our friend Joel. This weekend the weather was beautiful which made the trip a whole lot better!

We spent our Saturday strolling through the lanes for a little bit of shopping and then a small pub lunch. Then off for a walk down the sea front which obviously lead to a play around in the arcades where I was thrashed at air hockey, I actually thought I was quite good- but apparently not. Tiering ourselves out we went to the pub so the boys could watch the football.

To finish of the weekend off we went for dinner and drinks at Meat Liquor which was amazing if you like burgers and you'll love it here. Its god great music, friendly staff and even better decor. I highly recommend in for a casual night out with friends!

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