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Eve Lom: Rescue Mask

07 April 2014

Eve Lom Rescue Mask: £35 (50ml)

This mask from Eve Lom is 'the ultimate deep cleansing treatment to help to clear congested skin and brighten your complexion. This kaolin-basssed mask can be used as a weekly essential, or emergence treatment for sluggish and stressed-out skin.'

I apply a medium layer of this clay mask on dry skin after cleansing, I tend to use it whenever my skin looks a bit dull. The mask should be left on for 15-20 minuets and then removed using a damp muslin cloth in circular motions.

Once the mask is removed skin is left feeling soft and cleaner than ever before, I found that the mask gives skin a really deep clean getting rid of all dirt hidden deep down in your pores and also makes the skin look and feel refreshed. My skin looked great for days after using the mask too.

The mask does tend to bring a few spots out, due to it being a deep cleaning clay mask it tends to bring a few spots to the surface of the skin which is normal. The only thing I didn't like about the mask was the smell of it, but it did wonders to my skin and for that, I highly recommend it.

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