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Friday Five: Eyeliner

04 April 2014

 L'oeal Super Liner Perfect Slim: £6.99
This is my all time favourite liquid liner, and believe me i've tried and tested a lot. The main reason I like this one is because the felt tip nib is very small which means its super easy to get a thin neat line above the lash line with no fuss and no mess.

 Benefit Bad gal liner: £15
I don't often wear a pencil eyeliner, I tend to stay true to my liquid loving roots but when I do I use this great one from Benefit. Its waterproof so it lasts for such a long time, its really soft which makes for a nice application and its easy to blend (with the blender on the other end) so its great for the waterline and the lash line.

 Bourjois Mega Liner: £7.49
A new edition to my stash, this pen from Bourjois isn't the easiest to get along with at first due to its squared off tip. However its really easy to use for when you want a perfect straight line above the lashes, however its not very good for creating a cat flick!

 Soap and Glory Supercat: £6
Another pen liner I love its this Soap and Glory one, its very wet which makes the application really easy- having quite a thick nib it makes for a dramatic cat eyed look. The felt nib is a fantastic shape which makes applying eyeliner extremely easy!

Maybelline gel liner: £7.99
Last but not least, when i've got a bit of extra time I love using a brush and a gel liner. This one from Maybelline comes with a great brush, it lasts a lot longer than a pen liner and is like a dream to apply. If you've got enough time to perfect your lines I highly recommend using a gel liner.

Do you have any eyeliner recommendations, i'ld love to try some more!

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