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Friday Five: Perfume

18 April 2014

Zara Tulle: £10 (70ml)
Zara do an amazing range of perfumes in store, for such a reasonable price. Tulle is a really light flora sent which is great for the summer, I tend to wear this if I'm going to work or if I'm not doing anything special as its a very inexpensive fragrance.

 Marc Jacobs Daisy: £64 (100ml)
I've loved Daisy since it first came out, and i've brought bottle after bottle of the stuff. It will always be my favourite fragrance as it light and fruity and the sent just brings back memories of summer. Its such a wearable fragrance for any occasion.

When I discovered Flowerbomb it was on my wish list for moths, but it was so expensive. I ended up buying it in duty free last year and never looked back. Although Daisy will always have a strong place in my heart, this is my all time favourite perfume it has a heavy floral sent which is just the most beautiful thing i've ever smelt. I tend to wear this if I'm going out somewhere special as its quite pricey. 

It was hard not to have four Marc Jacobs perfumes and flower bomb in this post, I have every single fragrance by Marc Jacobs and I love them all. Honey is a stronger more fruity floral fragrance than the others, and it just reminds me of sunshine. So its a great summer perfumer to wear every day!

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy: £35 (30ml)
This Juicy Couture perfumer and Alien (which I need to repurchase) just bring back memories of school and my teenage years, which is why I like them so much. This sent is slightly more woody and strong with hints of berries rather than floral. So I would wear this of a summer evening or during the spring.

What are your favourite fragrances?

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