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In the shower with: Soap and Glory

05 April 2014

I'm always blogging about new products i've tried out and tend to forget about some of my old loves that have stood by me for years, so today I wanted to pay a little bit of attention to my go to shower products from Soap and Glory.

First of all the Sugar Scrub body wash is a summer body wash in a bottle, with scents of lime and kiwi you feel like you've stepped out of the shower on to a beautiful beach smelling amazing. I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory exfoliators they leave your skin feeling super smooth and silky with no dry skin in sight. My choice at the moment is The Scrub of your life.

Straight after showing I pump a handful of Butter yourself moisture lotion in to my hand and smother it all over myself, I love this because you apply it on to damp skin and watch it soak in leaving you feeling amazing and smelling out of this world. I alternate between the lotion and the body butter which leaves my skin feeling beautiful all week.

A shower just doesn't feel right without a little help from Soap and Glory, do you have any products you can't live (or shower) without?

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmm I love Sugarcrush, not overly keen on the other soap & glory scents though!