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L'oreal: Super Liner Black Lacquer

08 April 2014

 L'oreal Super Liner: £6.49

Another day, another new eyeliner. Going back to my teenage years I picked up a liquid liner in boots last week rather than a trusty felt tip liner that I would usually opt for. I find that felt liners are really easy to apply but don't last as long as liquid eyeliners.

I picked up this one from L'oreal as there eyeliners never disappoint, and this one was nothing different. The applicator is really soft, long and flexible which makes it really easy to apply on the lash line.

The flexible applicator bends inline with your eye which makes getting a straight line and a perfect flick super quick and easy. The liquid is the deepest of blacks which drys almost instatnly and lasts hours on end.

I'm really impressed with liner, it ticks all of my boxes; easy to apply, good applicator, long lasting and a good price!

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