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Max Factor: Face Finity all day Primer

24 April 2014

Max Factory Face Finity all day Primer: £10.99
I'm a huge primer lover, I wear one every day I personally thinking adding a primer before your foundation makes a huge difference to not only the look of your makeup but it also makes it last a lot longer throughout the day.

I picked this primer up as part as a Boots 3 for 2 last week as it was different to my usual pore minimising primers, this one from Max Factor claims to extend the wear of foundation so that you can enjoy the coverage you love for even longer and to mattify the skin and it also contains SPF 20. The packing is a good sturdy glass bottle with a pump which makes dispensing the product really easy.

One pump of the thick formula is enough to cover the whole face which means the 30ml bottle will last a lifetime. I found that the product went on quite smooth, but it took quite some time to sink in to the skin, and when it had I found my face was left feeling quite tacky.

When I tried to apply my foundation on top of the primer I felt that I had to work a lot harder to blend it in using a buffing brush, as if I only quickly buffed it in as I would with no primer, my foundation just sat on top of the skin and looked very cakey, however when you take a lot of time to buff foundation into the skin the finish looks flawless and your makeup really does last a lot long.

If you're looking for a primer to mattify skin and prolong the wear of your makeup, I think this is a fantastic product to go for- but you do have to spend a little bit of time working your makeup into the skin.

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