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Real Techniques: Retractable bronzer and lip brush

29 April 2014

Real Techniques Retractable bronzer brush: £13.99
Real Techniques Retractable lip brush: £7.99

Like pretty much everyone else in the makeup world I love my Real Technique brushes, they are fantastic and such an affordable price. At first I wasn't phased by the new brushes that were launched a few months ago, until I saw Lily Melrose praise the Bronzing brush for applying Mac face and body, and then I jumped in and grabbed them!

First of all, i'm really glad I did buy these because of the packaging its so much more hygienic when you throw your brushes in your makeup bag, they're completely covered up so they cant get dirty, the packaging looks really sturdy, the brushes are super soft and a great quality too,

So, first up is the bronzing brush which I use to apply Nars Sheer Glow foundation, the brush is big and fluffy and blends in the foundation seamlessly, it looks flawless. Because the brush is quite big it makes blending in foundation a really quick and easy step. The brush isn't to dense which means you don't apply to much and end up with cakey foundation- which is why its perfect for use with a foundation like Nars Sheer Glow as its quite light.

A few weeks ago I had a photo shoot where I had my makeup done, obviously I went for a bright red lip as per usual. The make up artist used a lip brush (I never do) and boy could you tell the difference, my lips we're a fantastic shape and the lipstick lasted longer than you could ever imagine.  This brush is dense enough to line your lips without much movement, and its just the right size to cover the lips making it easy to apply the colour.

Over all i'm so happy with these two brushes, have you tried them yet- what did you think?

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