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Sleek: Eyebrow Stylist

14 April 2014

Sleek Eyebrow Stylist: £5.99

I've staid faithful to my Soap and Glory Archery brow pencil, but thats currently moved to the back of the draw and has been replaced by this new release from Sleek. The eyebrow stylist has two ends, one hosts a dense eyebrow brush to comb brows in to place and blend the product. The other end holds an angled pencil which is the perfect shape for filling in brows.

The angled pencil allows you to use the tip of it for fine strokes, and using the thicker part is the perfect shape which matches up to eyebrows. The formal is quite a waxy pencil which is easily to blend and doesn't go on to thick making it look really natural.

The product comes in three shades, i've got medium which is a really good match to my eyebrows. I'm really loving this at the moment for the low price you get such a good quality product, as per usual from Sleek.

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