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Soap and Glory: For Daily Youth face wash

19 April 2014

Soap and Glory For Daily Youth face wash: £9.00

I was after a new morning face wash, and this one from Soap and Glory seemed like the perfect thing to assist me in the morning, the wash purifies, smooths and wakes up your face. The scrub has a really refreshing sent which really does wakes you up in the morning and smells wonderful.

You rub a generous amount of the product on damp skin and it foams up, which removes any dirt and impurities. The dark pink balls in the solution help to give skin a deep clean which gives you a beautifully clean and fresh face to start the day with.

For the first week of using this product, it really broke me out which was really annoying- but I carried on using the product and a week later all of my spots had cleared up and my skin was looking and feeling fantastic. I've found that this wash is perfect for the mornings as its gives skin a really good clean to start the day with, and its really quick and easy.

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