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A new hair style

31 May 2014

 When it comes to hair i'm very lazy and boring. I pretty much have my hair in a pony tail or a bun everyday, sometimes i'll find a new style I like and i'll wear it to death. Thats currently this milkmaid braid. My friend Billie sported this when we went out to dinner during the week, and now i'll probably do it every single day because its super easy and really nice!

-You'll need a few bobby pins to clip the plates up and some elastics to tie them.

-Section you hair in the middle, and do a plait either side, clipping any short bits of hair away (such as my overgrown full fringe)

 -Plait both sides of your hair and secure them with an elastic.

-Drag the plait to the top of your head and position it as far back, or forward as you would like and secure it with a bobby pin or as many as you need.

 -Do the same on the other plait, it may take a few attempts to hide the ends if you've got shorter hair.

Then you're all done! 

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