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Collection:Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit

06 May 2014

Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit: £3.99

This eyebrow kit for Collection is amazing, first of all you get three different eyebrow shades; dark brown, medium brown and light brown. You can either mix the shades until you get a shade that suits you or just use one shade- medium brown is perfect for my eye brows. You also get a little double ended brush, and a clear brow gel all in on compact little case with a mirror for not even £4, how amazing is that.

The three shades are all highly pigmented which mean you only need a little bit on the brush, i've found them to be really easy to blend which means you don't end up with really harsh looking eyebrows which is great. The brush that comes with the set is quite little which is a bit fiddly, but you get a hard angled end which is great for lining your eyebrows and doing the thinner bits, and you then get a flatter end to the brush which is good to blend the powder in to the brows.

I found the kit really easy to use, the powders went on really easy and you can achieve a really natural brow look when you blend the powders in, or you can build them up for a more defined eye brow. The clear brow gel has a plastic wand which actually grabs the hairs really well, combs them into place and the gel sets them there all day long.

I'm really happy I picked this little kit up because it really is an amazing kit, and for the money you really cant go wrong!

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