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Friday Five: Moisturiser

16 May 2014

Todays friday five is all about my favourite moisturisers, my skin type is usually quite dry and dehydrated but can sometimes change a little bit, i've got a few of my favourite products to share with you!

Kiehl's Ultra facial cream: £24
This face cream from Kiehl's is a really light well balanced cream that is suitable for all skin tones, it doesn't harm the skin at all so its great for super sensitive skin. It helps to retain moisturiser in the skin so that your skin is well balanced all the time.

Boots: Botanics hydrating day creme: £4.99
The Botanics hydrating day creme is a really thick cream that takes quite a while to sink in to the skin, but when it does you can really feel a difference straight away. Skin feels instantly hydrated and soft, however the feeling does wear off quite quick, and it doesn't have lasting results.

Liz Earl: Skin repair moisturiser: £19.25
This is really similar in texture to the Botanics cream, its has a really thick consistence, massage this into the skin and you can straight away see and feel a dramatic difference in skin. Its hydrated and smooth. I use this when my skin is really dry and dehydrated.

Clinique: Anti-blemis solutions treatment:£18.50 
My go to moisturiser when i've got blemish prone skin, this is a really light weight moisturiser which soothes the skin and treats any existing blemishes whist working to prevent future breakouts and control excess oil.

Origins: Make a difference plus moisturiser: £34
I've saved the best until last here, this is my all time favourite moisturising product. The lightweight creme which smells divine, it repaired the natural moisture in dry and dehydrated skin and is clinically proven to instantly boost skins moisture and keep it hydrated all day, and it does exactly that. This is my go to moisturiser for all of my skin problems!

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