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Friday Five: Primers

02 May 2014

On this Friday five I thought i'ld talk about one of my main loves in my makeup stash and thats a good primer, theres nothing I like more than prepping my skin before my foundation and not only making my makeup last longer but also look better, so I give you five of my favourites.

Benefit The Porefessonal: £24.50
Starting with my all time favourite primer, no matter what I try I always come running back to this one, mainly because I have super visible pores and this really reduces the look of them. Not only does it dramatically reduce the look of pores it also makes your skin feel amazing and super soft.

Maybelline Baby Skin: £7.99
A lot cheaper than the Benefit pore minimising primer, this one from Maybelline does reduce the look of pores slightly but not as much as the Benefit one. The primer itself is a completely different texture as its more of a gel. It mattifies the face quite well and makeup does stay in place for longer.

L'oreal Lumi Magique: £9.99
I'm usually a matte makeup kind of girl, but every now and then when I want a more dewy finish or a glow to my face I use this primer, although it doesn't help makeup stay in place for longer or have any benefits like that, it does make skin appear perfect and with a beautiful glow, which I really like.

Smash Box photo Finish: £25.00
Another gel formula from Smash Box, I really do love this primer it glides on the skin and makes it feel amazing, soft and smooth with is a perfect base for you foundation. It also extends the wear of foundation so your skin can look flawless all day long.

Max Factor Face Finity: £10.99
Quite a recent purchase from Max Factor, this primer mattiefies the skin which makes a great base if you've got oily skin, and it also holds foundation in place all day. I like this because it mattiefies the face without drying it out like some primers i've tried.

Do you have a favourite primer, I would love to try it?

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