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Kiko eye makeup

10 May 2014

(From Top to bottom, 34, 34, 100)

Long Lasting Eye Shadow Stick: 34: £6.90
Long Lasting Eye Shadow Stick: 35: £6.90
Long Lasting Eye Shadow Pot: £7.99

I recently went in to the Kiko store on Oxford street, I was after a few new eye products as i'm currently trying not to buy the By Terry Ombre Black Star due to its high price tag, even though I really want it.... I picked up two Long lasting shadow sticks, and one Long lasting shadow pot, hoping that that would stop me from buying it, for the time being.

I picked up the shadow sticks in shades 34 which is a beautiful rosy gold colour with a nice shimmer to it, and 35 which is a brighter pink (not as bright as photographed above) with a slight shimmer in. Firstly they feel absolutely lovely and they go on to the eyes effortlessly, they're really easy to blend with your fingers and look and feel lovely on the eyes. They really do have a long lasting wear to, I would say I had them on for around seven hours and it still looked lovely when I came home!

The next thing I picked up was a long lasting shadow pot in the shade 100, which is a light pearly pink shade with quite a bit of shimmer, the consistency of these are quite wet, and feel a little mouse like when you apply them, they're really soft and go on the eyes lovely too. They're really easy to blend and give you a little bit of time before they dry (and stay put all day) for you to work with.

I'm really happy with all of these products, they're great quality, beautiful colours and really long lasting! Have you tried anything from Kiko?

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