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Tony and Guy: Rough texturising spray

24 May 2014

Tony and Guy Rough texturising spray: £7.19

Recently my hair has been looking and feeling really dull and limp, it really needed a little bit of life and volume in it. I tend to wear my hair up pretty much all the time because of this but yesterday, I tested this magnificent spray from Tony & Guy and i'll never look back.

You spray this evenly over dry hair, leave to set and then basically mess up a little with fingers and the result is wonderful. Your hair has added volume and texture which just makes it look tons better, the spray doesn't make hair look to messy or matted. It has a matte finish to it which means you don't have that messy 'just got out of bed' look with an amazing shine, which could look slightly over done.

Overall i've loved using this product, its a quick, easy and effective way to give hair a little bit of a list without having to put to much effort in to it!

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