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09 August 2014

Lush is a brand that often pops up on my blog, and for good reason. Like most theres nothing I love more than a good bath, and well Lush is what makes a bath good! I have actually been quite good in recent weeks as i've not actually been to a Lush store so it was about time I made up for that and grabbed a few bits.

Twilight bath bomb has a mix of essential oils which work together to prepare you for a good nights sleep, the fragrance has been designed in order to help you get a restful nights sleep which soothing lavender to help calm and benzoin and tonka scents which also help relax you. This turns your bath from a setting sun which gradually gets darker until it turns the bath in to a deep purple colour with added glitter. I find most Lush bath bombs to bee relaxing but this one is out of this world.

This is my favourite of this weeks lush goodies and quite possibly my favourite bath bomb at the moment, and thats a big claim to make. First of all this bomb spends ages whirling around the tub whilst fizzing, changing colour and popping. The scent starts as a citrussy apple, and then you get hints of cinnamon and ylang ylang. The colours change from yellow and blue until the settle down a mix together a bright green colour. The scents used in this bomb help to calm breathing, slow the heartbeat and reduce feelings of anxiety and I highly recommend it.

Theres nothing better after a long day than a huge bubble bath and the Lush bubble bars provide mountains of bubbles for you. The bar contains moisturising coconut oil and shea butter which leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft. The yuzu and cocoa have a mood brightening colour and scent which a blend of citrus oils and chocolatey undertones. You end up with a sweet smelling bath which you can still smell the next morning, tons of bubbles and super soft skin. All from one little bar!

 -Lola approves too.

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