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23 October 2014

I absolutely love a good primer, so when I saw everyone talking about The Body Shop Insta Blur I knew it had to be mine, its an all in one 5-action perfecter which is shine controlling, reduces the appearance of pores, hides blemishes, give a good complexion and helps prolong the wear of makeup. The primer instantly smooths out skin with a matte finish which does control shine, it reduces the look of pores, and gives your skin an overall great complexion. I found that my foundation went on a lot better after using this primer and it also extended the wear of my makeup. I highly recommend this as it does literally blur out any imperfections and gives you a fantastic base for your makeup! 

I also picked up the sister product for eyes, as it was in a set meaning I saved £6- who can walk away from an offer like that?! This product perfects the appearance of the eye area, its slightly tinted which helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, it neutralises and redness on the eyelid, smooths the look of skin as well as acting as an eyeshadow primer. You put a tiny bit of this all over your eyes are you're good to go all day! 

Overall I really love these two products, and I highly recommend them to any primer lovers out there!

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