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20 November 2014

Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils: £4.99

After seeing everyone in the blogging world talk about these Maybelline lip pencils, obviously I had to go and grab a couple to try out- and thats exactly what I did a few weeks ago. I picked up two shades,140 Minimalist and 501 Red Essential.

They pencils are really easy to use, they go on to the lips lovely and with ease, they're really easy to apply all over the lip without making a mess. The packaging is really small and sleek which makes it super easy to throw in your bag and great for on the go application. The only down side I think the pencils have is how they will need to be sharpened once you've used them, I do like a good wind up product. 

I obviously went for a bright red shade as its pretty much all I wear, and it ticks all of the boxes for me, bright red, wasn't too drying on the lips and lasted all day. So a prefect find for me. I found it too be a true red shade which I personally think suits all skin tones so its a great one to pick up! However Minimalist wasn't for me, it's soft pink shade with a sheen to it which I really didn't like I found that the tone of pink really didn't do anything for my pale completion and the sheen was a bit too sparkly for my liking. The application however was exactly the same but didn't last quite as long on the lips!

Have you tried any of these, what shade did you love?

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